Blog Review: Crafting With Blue

I joined a Swap-bot swap to review five different blogs. Participating in swaps is a great way to meet new and interesting people. This swap in particular is great as it will allow me to have feedback from the other side of the inter-webs and to know how my blog looks/sounds to you (the reader).

Review #1:

There are some great scrapbookers out there. Crafting With Blue is one of them and I am not. Somehow, while she was obtaining 3 college degrees she finds the time to scrapbook. She also has an AMAZING collection of Cricut cartridges.

Wait… what?

3 college degrees?

If you are into scrapbooking than her blog is for you; however, it disappoints me a little. Her little “about me” paragraph makes me think she is an incredibly interesting person who obviously has amazing time-management skills. That is pretty much all I can tell you about Blue herself.

The blog is filled with an amazing amount of beautifully created scrapbook pages and other examples of her paper-craft. The only downside to the site is the tiled background image makes the website look cluttered and difficult to navigate.It is a cool picture; although, it is tiled just so you can never see the entire picture at once… maybe you can on a different sized screen… Mine is only about 21 inches. It would be an amazing banner at the top and a solid color background would be a better frame for showing off her amazing work.

Keep it up Blue!


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