Product Review: Bartenura’s Moscato

Bartenura's Moscato


Mr. Wonderful and I threw a little wine/dinner party last weekend.

The first wine we opened was Bartenura’s Moscato. You may remember the horrible experience I had with a moscato back in my single days. I would post a link to that post, but it was so long ago I cannot tell you were I posted it. Let me tell you… that moscato was terrible and I vowed to never drink any moscato ever again.

One of my dear friends loves moscato wines and since she and her husband were coming to our party I bought this moscato for her. Bartenura’s Moscato is from the Piedmont region of Italy and was over the $10 cap we usually put on wines (though it was still under $12 after tax). I love this wine. It is light, bubbly and tastes of fresh pears. This is a wine that I did not want to pair with anything. We casually drank this wine while talking before combining a different wine with our food.

This wine changes my opinion of moscato wine. It would be a  lovely addition to a summer sangria or just relaxing outdoors on the patio.

Bartenura, I do plan on trying your other wines and I hope that they are just as amazing as this one.


2 thoughts on “Product Review: Bartenura’s Moscato

  1. I have just recently discovered that I enjoy trying wine. Enjoyed your reviews on this subject.
    Makes me also want to go to a wine tasting or a wineyard.

    • Sometimes local wine stores also offer tastings of more than one vineyard’s wine. Usually our Total Wine has tastings every Saturday afternoon and our local wine specialist offers tastings every other month. We love our local guy for his in-depth knowledge on all things wine related. He is also able to get to know us and recommend wines that he knows we will like. Total Wine usually has heavy foot traffic and they are not usually able to get to know you on a per-name basis; although, they do have an impressive array of wines and beers from all over. You just have to be careful with some of Total Wine’s employee recommendations.

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