Book Review: Miss Minimalist by Francine Jay

Miss Minimalist: Inspiration to Downsize, Declutter, and Simplify - Francine Jay

So… I am not a minimalist at heart. Sometimes what you want to be is not matched to how you are wired. Francine Jay makes an easy to understand subject more intricate as she allows you to watch minimalism bloom and become more real. It is not the perfectly organized place that we might picture it to be, it is a way of life.

She outlines the path… all I have to do is bumble my way through it.

Please keep in mind as you read this… I am sitting at my desk at home, with at least 40 pencils in the pencil cup on my desk. Also… picture them all unsharpened as I rarely ever use a pencil. Where did they come from? I have no idea. But the idea of removing these unused, not needed and clearly unknown pencils from my desk… scary. They are obviously a decoration at this point. They each have their own thin layer of dust. We don’t even own a pencil sharpener… these really have no hope.

Jay helps to open your eyes to understand that what you have always kept because you may one day need it is not always the best way to see things.

For example: If I really needed a pencil I would have to go out and get a sharpener (or whittle it down and possibly chop off my finger). A sharpener would be another something I would have to store somewhere in this desk. I could always use a mechanical pencil (I have plenty of them) or why am I using a pencil again…

Francine Jay, your book is not a hard book to read; however, it will be a book that I will have to continue to go back to help myself clear the clutter. Perhaps not down to your level, but less of a move for me at a later point.

Thank you Francine Jay!


PS: In case you are wondering… I ditched the pencils. I did keep 4 artist pencils (charcoal and thick lead), but those I would have had to whittle anyways. Also, I did keep a Smencil… it is made from recycled newspaper and smells like chocolate… and the bendy pencil with unbreakable lead… I do play with it while I sit here so for now it can stay.


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