It’s Been 2 Months

Where are you in your goals for the new year?

I started mine a bit early… December 17th. I needed to set some goals and strive to reach them then… there was no reason to wait until the start of a new year to do so. If you are like me you like to have everything have a neat and orderly start and finish. Starting on the 17th is a way to prove to myself that everything does not have to be a certain way.

This weird start date has, of course, made keeping track of everything a little more interesting. Without ToDoist and GoogleDocs I do not believe I would be able to do 26 goals. Maybe one uncomplicated goal… though I probably would forget that too.

This month has been rather exhausting. First my carpel tunnel has decided to stay in a flared up condition for the majority of the time. I’ve finally gotten it looked at by a doctor and I will have further tests done at the end of February and will find out what will happen the first week of March. Then I get that nasty virus that is going around… and I lose my voice… again. I lost it last back in December. It is very frustrating… especially after you pay to go see a doctor to have them tell you that you have no voice. I could have told them that and saved my co-pay!

Life is filled with crazy pathways and you never know what will come next. There is no order to life, nor should there be.

Where are your goals taking you?




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