What is Kohlrabi exactly?

Kohlrabi is a weird cabbage/turnip/radish/broccoli tasting vegetable that is known as a German Turnip. It looks like some crazy alien vegetable if you ask me… I’ve only found the green around town, but apparently in some locations they can be a purplish red as well. You can eat it all… the leaves, stems and the root base itself. Word is that it is sweeter than you would expect and it can be eaten raw or cooked; although, when it is cooked it has significantly less of its main drawing point… Vitamin C. It is also low in calories and can sometimes be used to substitute a potato in dishes… much like the turnip can. Just keep in mind the sweetness variable.

While I am beside myself excited to try this vegetable, I’ve got a lovely virus right now. You know… the one that is going around. I have no voice and little to no taste functionality. This will have to wait towards the end of the month for me (and hopefully Mr. Wonderful) to try.

Have you tried it yet?


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