When good friends move away…

Mission: Arundel

We have “lost” several friends to distance over the years. At times it has been us moving away and at others it has been them. I’m sure we can all agree that it would be fabulous if we could all have a group of friends that always stays put like on the TV show How I Met Your Mother… but it is not always like that. Kudos to you if it is like that for you.It is hard in our area with all of the military who come and go.

Though we still love our friends dearly and miss them… life can and will go on (unlike those days back in elementary school). There will be new traditions and new friends that will come our way. It is our job to make sure to make sure to be open and accepting to change without forgetting the lessons learned.




2 thoughts on “When good friends move away…

  1. 😦 I’ve had several good friends move away and it is really hard.

    My sister on the other hand tells me that it’s sad when someone moves away but you can always go on vacation and visit.

    ~J3ss1ca (Swap-Bot)

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