Wine Review: Concha Y Toro 2010 Winemaker’s Lot

Concha Y Toro 2010 Winemaker's Lot

Why did I buy another blend again?


  • 60% Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 30% Carmenere
  • 10% Syrah

I was not able to find a link on their website to find out what Concha Y Toro would pair it with or how they would describe it. So you are stuck with me and what I think it tasted like and what it should go with.

We had this with “homemade” pizza. (You know the kind… pre-made Pillsbury dough, tomato sauce, garlic and cheese.). It went well with the spicier mariana that we used this time. This wine can handle its own with bold tomato and garlic flavors. It has a soft tannin finish and has some pretty strong berry flavors. It is wonderful with food. It was a little much for me on its own (paired with a glass). I would probably get this again as Mr. Wonderful really liked it and it does go well with stronger flavored sauces (which I do make from time to time).


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