Doctor’s Decision

I have carpel tunnel. It’s something I have known for a long time. It is just finally at the point where I am willing to have something done about it. So I saw a doctor on Friday.

I officially have bi-lateral carpel tunnel. After a nerve test I will be headed to surgery. I will keep you posted. After spending a few minutes looking at pictures of splayed open hands I will save you the gruesome imagery.

They want to do the endoscopic (how did I manage to spell that right?) surgery and the down time should only be 1-2 weeks instead of the month for the other version.

After each surgery I have had… I have always said… never again. Then it takes something like excruciating pain that no amount of stretches can take care of to change my mind. Am I willing to go under for this?


How about you? What does it take to make you go under?



One thought on “Doctor’s Decision

  1. Good luck with the surgery.
    A year ago my fingers had strange tingling, the doctor thought it was carpel tunnel. I had it for a few months and then it was gone.

    from emmel SB follow me

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