What was in the plans…

I was going to thoroughly explore various Valentines Day arts and crafts… and watch the super bowl. You would have been informed on the results of both.

Instead I came down with this nasty bug that has been going around. I also still have a crazy amount of pain in my writing hand so most crafts are out the window.

What I did do this weekend…


  • Ice cream for lunch
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Leftovers for dinner with fresh homemade bread
  • Finished a puzzle


  • Got up and went back to bed with a powerful migraine
  • Went to breakfast at Pop’s just in case it was hunger that was causing my migraine
  • Watched Deadliest Catch on Netflix while sorting fabric squares
  • Had Mr. Wonderful make fajitas… I just couldn’t do it
  • Watched the first half of the super-bowl and the Madonna half time show (can you believe she is 53!?!)
  • Went to sleep in a freezing cold ball piled with blankets

And now… it should be known that I have the “bug” that was going around the office and I have no idea who won the super bowl… but I do know who won the office pool… interesting…


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