A conversation about Kohlrabi

Mr. Wonderful and I at Harris Teeter

Me: Let’s look and see if we can find some kohlrabi.

Mr. W.: What is that?

Me: According to wikipedia Kohlrabi is technically a German Radish.

Mr.W.: I don’t like radishes.

Me: Apparently they are local to us. Like they grow around here… neaby… you know where we live.

Mr. W.: Then how are they German?

Me: I don’t know, that’s just what they say they are I found a good recipe to make them… it looks yummy.

Mr. W.: What is it supposed to taste like?

Me: Apples. The recipe is to saute it with onions and garlic.

Mr. W.: I like onions and garlic. *Walks away*

Needless to say we did not get any kohlrabi this time. I will get it next time and just cook it. It does not really look much like a  radish. It looks more like a  small green potato with lots of little stems comming of that are attached to little stems of edible greens. Lots of eating on them it appears… I better make sure to cook it and taste it first… make sure it is good before serving it to Mr. Wonderful.


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