Why I have not been posting many pictures…

For awhile now I have been putting off getting my hand looked at. It has been several months now and if I do any heavy crafting, lifting, typing, twisting, opening doors… etc… it begins to have this lovely stabbing pain and sometimes fingers go numb. It has been quite lovely.

(Insert mental picture of a hand.)

Lately it is also swollen and starting to discolor…. hmmm…

(Insert mental picture of hand slightly swollen with a hue of purple.)

Hunting and pecking on the keyboard is not too bad for me, but the mouse is driving me crazy (it is my writing hand we’re talking about). So until I get Mr. Wonderful to edit some pictures for me… and put them into the post… you will have to use some metal images for me.

I made an appointment to go see a hand specialist over a month ago and today is the day when I learn the verdict.

Doctor! What’s going on with my hand!



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