Product Review: Patak’s Original Lentil Curry with Rice (Dal Makhani)

When I first saw the Patak’s Original brand on the shelf… I was taken in by the brightly colored box that promised to make some good food fast. Apparently you can also get it in Amazon’s grocery department, but it was a few cents cheaper at my Harris Teeters. I do not think I will be eating enough to justify the subscribe and save price. This was just a quick meal to have on hand in case I was running late… which I was this morning.

Patak’s Lentil Curry with Rice contains 14 ingredients… and they all are pronounceable.  There are 320 calories in this little box and 390mg of Sodium (please do not tell my doctor).

My lentils and rice did not come out looking like that or I would have taken a picture for you. It came out as a brown mush. A lovely tasting brown mush, but a brown mush non-the-less.

The spice is very light, I would have preferred a bit more heat and some garlic Naan bread or soy cheese, but that would add more calories and I’m trying to loose weight here.

It is nice to have it on hand, but for its price tag I can get two cans of soup… which has less calories & flavor and has more salt… but is cheaper… hmmm… if it goes on sale I will get it again, but for now I will just try and get the clothes folded faster next time.


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