Place Review: Rice & Company, Luxor, Las Vegas

So there is a sushi/noodle bar in the Luxor’s pyramid in Las Vegas. It is surrounded by all things themed “Egyptian.” I was very excited to go. I love sushi and most flavor combinations from the orient.

After seeing the prices of the sushi we decided to just order entrees. Please keep in mind this would be our last meal before we got on a 10:45 PM plane flight back to home the next day around noon (after a layover in Atlanta). Our server was none too happy we did not order anything other than H2O (you can get free drinks at the slots ya’ll), a little upset we did not want any sushi and then rather irritated that we did not want an appetizer. He then proceeded to ignore us for the rest of our stay until the check was ready. The manager was flitting around asking those that were spending more how their meals were, there was a water boy who kept our glasses filled as soon as he saw us take a drink and a very nice server who delivered our food to us and brought me soy sauce.

What did I order? I always have a hard time deciding what to order. I love food and all of this food sounded wonderful. I ended up with Pad Thai. It was good, but missing something. I added soy sauce and it was a bit better, though something with more citrus might have brightened the dish and made it fresher.

Mr. Wonderful had the Orange Chicken and said it was alright… obviously not impressed.

I hear their happy hour specials are good, but we went on a Saturday.

I would probably go to a different sushi bar next time, we like it when our servers like us and don’t just treat us like bumps on a log.



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