CES Trip – Day 1

As very few people know, Mr. Wonderful and I ventured to Las Vegas last week to attend the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Myself and the BuzzKill Mosquito

If getting dressed up and walking for miles upon miles talking to electronics salespeople and sitting through seminars full of technical data appeals to you… then this is the show for you. It is amazing to see the up-and-coming technologies, the new updates and converse with those that you meet; however, none will be able to answer questions like: why did I pay so much for this and it did not come with its own power-cord? I guess I am just not tech savvy enough to understand.

You will see super cool displays that will inspire you to be more creative with what you have…

… or to buy more televisions… at least be more creative with the ones that you have.

In Las Vegas yourself you will be assulted with offers to buy tours, timeshares and women on every corner… sometimes all at once. You will also see amazing things…

Dam Picture

You’ll make some new friends…

Myself and a lioness

And you will see some beautiful things that will inspire you:

I will tell you more about Vegas later. Have you ever been there?



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