Shellac Nails: Week 3

Well… they all had shellac on them yesterday morning…

This last week I was in Vegas at the CES. Again, I regretted the pink sparkly color I chose… but it was nice not worrying about chips. Though by the middle of the week I had developed a weird black soot like line at the very tips of all of my nails. I tried nail polish remover to get it off (the shellac is fine unless you soak it). I do not smoke and I was not handling anything that was black so I have absolutely no idea where it came from. When I returned home I trimmed off the ends to get rid of the black… it was gross looking. There were also a ton of hairline fractures under the topcoat which are visible up-close.

Yesterday morning all of my nails had polish on them, though a few were chipping up by where I had cut them shorter. After awhile it was driving me crazy and I started to play with the chips and I noticed… it peels right off! It is a bit weird feeling and the very tips of my nails are a bit thinner because of some of the nail wanting to stick to the shellac. By the end of the day I was sans-shellac and very happy about it. I really did not like the color.

My finger tips have that weird feeling again like they are missing something… the same feeling that I had reported about in the first shellac review. There is no line or ridge like with acrylic nails, my nails are not thinner… perhaps they just need oxygen and this is how they choose to tell me.

Once my nails grow back out again from the trimming I gave them, i will go back and re-shellac my nails. It is a lot easier for my lifestyle and I highly recommend them.

Have you tried them yet?



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