How do you keep up with goals while traveling?

I find it near impossible to keep things in the places I put them, let alone keep up with planned goals and tasks while traveling.

Mr. Wonderful says I need to bring along an easy button… but I think that might just be iratating… at least for me… he probably would find it amusing.

As you read this, please realize I have spent the last week in Vegas. Please forgive me for keeping it a secret, but you never know who is listening and I would like everything I left in my apartment to be there when I get back.

Mr. Wonderful and I traveled to Vegas for CES. I will tell you what we did and saw as soon as I get settled.  Forgive my holding back on long posts for the next few days as I settle.

So… how do you do it? This whole keeping up with everything cannot be as hard as I am making it.


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