What is in my travel sewing kit

I am a terrible passenger. I have to be doing something or I can and will quickly fall asleep. You could be holding a conversation with me… mid sentence I will stop… because I am sleeping. It is not just in cars that I do this… I have accomplished this amazing skill on: vans, buses, trucks, a 16 foot fishing boat, a ferry, trains, planes and a catamaran.

I have tried reading books and magazines. Knitting needles made Mr. Wonderful very nervous. Crocheting only works for so long to keep my interest going… I’m guessing that it is looking at the same colors for an extended period of time.

My go to project is paper piecing. The fabric color changes and I’m always tangling thread (another amazing skill). My mind is completely occupied, my hands are happy and I am awake to hold conversations. I will explain paper piecing later. It is a super easy project, it is time consuming, it is addicting and it is done completely by hand.

Sewing in Costa Rica

Here I am paper piecing in Costa Rica. Notice the odd posture? You cannot see from this angle, but some of the roads are not as even as those in the states. Our little Rav4 was a bit bumpy and I assumed this posture to avoid from hitting my head on the glass and not poke my eye out with a needle.

This travel sewing kit is perfect for paper piecing and can easily be adjusted to be a flying sewing kit by simply removing one item.  It has worked in cars, while stationary, at people’s homes, in hotels, on planes, in the airport and on trains. When I go anywhere and I’m going to be there for awhile, this kit can be found in my purse.

Contained Sewing Kit

This little bag is 3 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches. I’m not entirely sure what was in it originally, but it works well for keeping all of my tools in one place and not mixed in with my fabric pieces.

Kit Foundations

This is my basic kit. If you are going to fly on an airplane take out the big scissors… you love them and don’t want to lose them.

  • “Big” scissors: they are really thread snips, about 3 inches long
  • “Little” scissors: that little black thing with a cord on it… scissors. I found them at a quilt festival last year and will be buying another pair this year as the spring is starting to die. They are from a company called “Canary” that has been making sewing tools for awhile, but I have yet to find a vendor from the states that I can buy them from online.
  • Thread: I stick with white since I am too lazy to switch out when the colors of my piecing change. I am not too happy with this thread, it knots quite a bit more than the last spool I used and that spool was from the ’80s.
  • Thread Heaven:  I have found this thread conditioner to be well worth trouble. It makes the thread itself more manageable.
  • Miniature pin cushion: It’s about 2 inches wide, 2 inches tall and maybe 1/2 inch thick. I’ll do a tutorial later, but they’re really easy and make good gifts.
  • Sewing needle: otherwise I will let you figure out how you’re going to use the thread.

So… where does the fabric fit?

Sewing Bag

This bag is made out of one of my great grandmother’s tea towels and it is sitting on the big hexagon quilt I am working on (more on that later). Inside the bag is the fabric pieces I am currently working on and the sewing kit. This bag itself is constructed from the tutorial for ThreeBear’s Little Boxy Pouch. It is adjusted to make a longer bag to use more of the towel and fit along the side of my purse. The bag is about 11 inches wide, 2 inches deep and 4 tall. It works perfectly for me.

And that is how a crafting secret agent travels occupied and happy.


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