Organizing Scraps

Or at least my version of scrap basics.

Never one to trow any bit of leftover fabric away, I amassed quite a collection of scraps. I had no idea how to sort them, they were everywhere and it was a nightmare.

Thankfully I took a class in scraps. Yes, there are classes in scraps.

Your first steps are going to be easy:

  1. Look at scraps
  2. Wave at scraps
  3. Tell scraps you are going to organize them (the feeling of saying this out loud is more frightening than you would ever believe)

Then the steps are not as easy:

  1. Sort your scraps.
  2. If you have any pieces that are a yard or longer: iron them, fold them and put them away with your fabric stash. You have to deal with the smaller things first.
  3. Iron out the scraps that are smaller than a yard. This will make cutting them easier. Yes… you are cutting them… without a project!
  4. Think about your last projects, what size squares/triangles do you use the most. Pick 3 sizes (S, M, L). I picked 2-inch, 3.5-inch and 5-inch. It could be different for you. This is just what I use the most of. I’m just going to assume those are the sizes you pick, it will make this post much easier for me.
  5. Cut your 5-inch squares. Try to save as much of the surrounding fabric as possible. Keep in mind your smallest size is 2-inches. If it cannot make your 2-inch and you are not currently making a strip quilt… pitch it. You are organizing not saving the world from fabric scraps. Though if you are looking for something to do with the tiny bits you could use it as stuffing in pincushions and dog beds… maybe.

    5-inch Squares

  6. Cut your 3.5-inch squares. Again, if it will not make a 2-inch square, pitch it.

    3.5-inch Squares

  7. Cut your 2-inch squares.

    2-inch Squares

  8. Place the various sizes in boxes, bins or baggies and consider them organized.

    Storage Boxes

I have several scrap quilts in process right now and I will eventually get around to taking pictures, making patterns and sharing them with you.

Trust me though… once you have your scraps organized, you will start thinking of the ways on piecing them together. You won’t need my ideas.



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