Product Review: Kespon Guard Your ID Stamps

Junk mail

As we rent in a community instead of owning we receive a ton of junk mail. It really is not just ours though, we also receive any of the previous tenants’ junk mail. There is also the junk mail that is addressed to my maiden name right next to the same thing addressed to my married name.

I am not going to get into what a waste of natural resources this is: the paper, the fuel, etc. This blog is not the place for it.

How do I deal with it? It has to be trashed as we do not have a recycling option at our apartment or are around during the hours the community recycling center is open. We could cart it around until we get to my parents’ home, but trust me here… we get a ton of junk mail.

Mr. Wonderful and I used to pile it into a large garbage can and shred it all as soon as the bin was full. Our once a week “shredding parties” ended up killing a shredding machine and it was not the way we wished to spend our spare time.

We are not able to burn it… as our city does not allow it nor do we have a backyard.

We do not have dirty kitty litter to put on top and we only have so many left overs.

Enter Kespon’s products. I have a Guard Your ID Roller Stamp at home and a Guard Your ID Stamp at the office.

Kespon’s Guard Your ID Roller Stamp

This roller stamp is small, fits in your hand and is relatively easy to use. As my hands tend to be a bit on the shaky side the roller sometimes goes a little wonky even if I’m aiming for a straight line. The ink does smudge a little, but it is able to cover up the identifying information just fine, though it does take two swipes to cover some larger bolder print. I made it through half a large trash can in an hour before my shoulder got tired. It looks like it would be a bit messy to change out the ink thing, but I could be wrong, I have not had to do so yet.

Kepson’s Guard Your ID Stamp

This is bigger, bulkier and I love it! It uses a traditional self stamping pad and like those it most likely is messy to change, though I have not had to do so yet. This creates the right size block of distorting stamp to block out the majority of addresses and account numbers. As with the roller on bolder or larger fonts it sometimes takes more than one press, but it is really no big deal.

When my roller stamp runs out of ink I plan on buying a stamp for home as well. It really is the better choice for me.



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