Product Review: Shellac Nails Week 1

Alright… I am sick of the Barbie pink. I will go back to more mellow solids next time.

Week 1 has gone relatively well except for the color remorse I am facing. Really sick of it and it looks really odd on my hands. It is still shiny and is only showing a tiny bit of wear on 3 of the tips… though that could be from using goo-gone this weekend. I’m not sure shellac likes goo-gone. Anyone know? There are also small cracks forming under the top coat on the nails I apparently use the most. Where the cuticle meets the nail is starting to show a gap and it’s at an awkward stage when it just looks a bit off. The weird feeling in my nails went away this weekend. I’m not sure what was up with that. I will let you know after I get them redone again.











They are still worth the cost… even in this odd color I chose.  You do not have to worry about your nails… just go on and live your life.


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