Review: Swedenburg Estate Vineyard


Swedenburg is not a new vineyard to me. My first visit was last year at this time and the whole Wonderful clan and I enjoyed greatly their Mulled Wine. The location was not as green as it is in the picture above… it’s dreadfully cold here this time of year. They had renovated the tasting room in between our visits, though the wine has not changed. For Virginia wine this is really one of my favorite vineyards. Their wine tends to be more on the dry side which I prefer. They also take great pride in their estate vineyards and are more than willing to share the history of their vineyards and the people behind the wine. We have not really visited in the summer, though they might make a good sangria… we really enjoy their mulled wine the best.

A review is not any good without pointing out what is missing…

Those that led the tasting did not provide any specific cuisines or food dishes that the wine would pair well with… no mention or provision of cheeses or crackers during the tasting. The white wine would go well with chicken or fish. The red wines would go well with more tomato based dishes. You know… white meat with white wine and red meat with red wine? I prefer to mix it up myself sometimes. It was one of the more hurried tastings I had been to. Let’s go through our wines and then you can buy or whatever…

Also: sell me on your vineyard, make me want more than just your mulled wine (which is incredible), make me come back (in the spring and summer we have performers outside and fabulous homemade sangria… or something) and make me want to stay longer in the cold months (we have some fresh baguettes and a variety of cheese trays you can enjoy while relaxing here with a bottle of wine.

All this said… I love Swedenburg and we do go every year around the holidays to buy a bottle of mulled wine. It is a tradition that we will be keeping. I just want to learn more when I go other than we grow our own grapes… here is our wine.


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