Product Review:

Todoist … I am in love with you. Every day you tell me all the things that I told you I had to get done on that day. All I have to do is tell you to remember to remind me about something on a certain day… time even… priority even… and you remember.

That is way better than what I can do. I’m lucky if I remember to do the things I do every day. Enter Todoist.

I did not believe it would be this incredible. I found the app through chrome’s app store and took off from there entering a very basic list of things to remember. Then I had to plan parties and you let me set up separate categories. Then you said you would work on my phone and my tablet… heaven.

This is a subscription I pay for now. I upgraded. I have several different categories I ask it to keep track of (including my 26 goals) and it manages everything. I try to add priorities to things… but that doesn’t always happen for me. If I say it has to be done on a certain day… it probably has to. It can send emails to my outlook (which I usually ignore them right now since I get so many emails). It is a wonderful program and one of the few websites that I check daily.


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