Product Review:

I am not being paid to review this site… as I thoroughly believe they are an amazing product that would work amazing… if you could fit it into your life.

It did not fit into mine.

I was sad… cried a little… is a wonderful resource that can take over the day-to-day (or once a week if you are so inclined) meal planning. The recipes all look amazing, it is organized, gives you a grocery list and has several different types of menus to choose from.

Where does the “but” come in for me?

My schedule or lack there of.

  • I spent 2 1/2 weeks without visiting a grocery store while managing to work an incredible amount of hours… yeah… I’m still sleepy and my fridge has not recovered.
  • New recipes are hard to introduce… when you do not live by yourself
  • What if the food goes bad while I’m too busy to actually cook. If I work 10 hour days… I probably don’t want to cook.
  • I have to remember to log in? Bah… you should see my to do list…

E-mealz… I wish you worked for me. You were amazing. Your customer service was amazing. Your food looked amazing. It’s not you… it really is me.



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