Feeling kind of festive?

Usually this time of year I am running around like a crazy fool trying to figure out all gifts for all people and making sure everyone has a holiday postcard (they’re so much easier than card cards); however, this has been a great and hard year for the Wonderfuls. We have lost many that were close to us and I myself find it hard to not look at things and think about how much they would enjoy whatever it is I’m looking at.

I am excited to spend my first holiday season with Mr. Wonderful as my husband and start working towards making new traditions.

I am daunted by the task of finding gifts for everyone… except for Mr. Wonderful’s little sister… who I am no longer allowed to buy for as I apparently “have bought way too many things for”… some will have to wait for her birthday. Dad Wonderful and Agente Papa are easy to pick for.  Bee, Mom Wonderful and Agenta Abuela require a little more creative thinking on my part.

So I may be a bit slow, but at least I am trying.

And now… I would like a nap.

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