This is where I review things like beer and freeze dried soup…

I swear to all things food related I did not eat them together nor was I hung over.

Mr. Wonderful had been wanting to try Ranger India Pale Ale (from the New Belgium Brewing Company). So we did some research and found out it has a very strong hops flavor… which would make it an ale for me not him.

So we bought a case.

The during flavor is wonderful if you are into hops… which I am… and it has a nice texture while you drink; HOWEVER, unless you keep drinking (as in rarely set it down) you are going to get this wonderfully horrid aftertaste of staleness in your mouth and it will be with you for quite some time. I was very disappointed; although, I would be willing to try other beers from New Belgium Brewing Company… maybe a porter or lager if I come across any. You have one more chance… NBBC… or two chances depending on the circumstances.

The soup: Dr. McDougall’s Pad Thai Noodle

I wake up at 04:30… yeah… in the morning. It gives me a great start to my day, time to relax and get things done. I usually find that after a normal breakfast of a fruit smoothie (homemade), OJ, bagel, etc… I am STARVING in a few hours. The thought was to give myself something savory instead of sweet and see if that made it easier. It’s almost noon and I am doing pretty good.

How was the soup? A little salty, but very filling. I wanted a little something crunchy on top or to mix in… maybe if they had another packet stuck in there of something crunchy to put on top after cooking, but it was still very good on its own. It was a bit on the pricier side for me… about $2.50 at Food Lion… for something that is 1 serving. I would buy it if I had a good coupon or if it was on sale. The quality and flavor is there. Good job!


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