Mindbloom is telling me to write 500 words today. While I may end up writing them in reports, it would be better for this secret agent to explain why she has been gone for so long.

I have been spending much time looking introspectively. Where am I going? Where have I been?

We can never really know where we are going, but we can all look back and picture where we have been. The picture may be incomplete or completely missing, but it has made us who we are. Who I am is written on my face. Mr. Wonderful and I have been through quite a bit lately and while I am working through the passing of my mother, Mr. Wonderful is busy being… well… wonderful.

My doctor calls what I feel “shock.” I do not feel like I am in shock. I feel derailed. Time was headed down a path and decided to take a detour. As I follow the proverbial bread-crumbs the rest of the group left behind I have a tendency to get sidetracked on any rabbit-trail I may find. This leaves me feeling slightly distracted, always feel like I am forgetting something and even small tasks take me longer than they should.

But what am I forgetting?