Over the Weekend

Ever had those weeks where nothing could go right at work… and then you get sick?

It’s not as fun as it sounds… I promise. It was pretty much long hours and little sleep. After all, who sleeps when they’re not feeling well? That would just make things better.

This weekend we went and stayed with my family.

After shopping with my grandmother in the morning we joined the rest of the family for a breakfast/lunch at IHOP. For some reason the lunch food always looks/sounds so good on the menu, but when you actually receive it. It’s usually a let-down.

That night we went out to Langley Speedway to sit in the company’s sky-box and watch some races. Our cars weren’t racing that day so it was not crowded and we were able to sit back and enjoy watching people try to kill themselves to obtain trophies, cash and local fame. It was great fun!

Then we came home and re-potted the basil… which by the way is flowering… who knew?


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