Over the Weekend

This weekend Mr. Wonderful and I decided to try out some local activities. Our first step had been advertised everywhere… the Virginia Beer Festival.

 The art of crafting wine and beer is very interesting and we have journeyed to many a brewer and winery to learn more about the processes involved and how they have each started and where they wish to be. We have been also been to several wine festivals.
What we expected from the beer festival: attended by several breweries, learn about different beers/beer making processes, meet some interesting people, and to try several beers from one location (just like wine, you do not always enjoy every beer from one vendor).
What we expereienced: long lines at every tent, Budweiser products mascaraing as craft beers, having volunteers pour who knew nothing about the beers they were pouring, being able to try one beer at a time at each tent (vendor)… then having to go stand back in line.
After about two hours we gave up and went to Johnny Rockets. 

Sunday we went strawberry picking!

 In total we picked about four pounds of strawberries to freeze for our morning smoothies. Yum!
This would definitely be a good activity for well-supervised/well-behaved children. Those that followed a one parent – one child ratio seemed to really enjoy themselves and did not bother those around them. Those that came in a big mob of children did not seem to learn anything from the experience and went home with bags of squished strawberries… which, by the way, is what happens when you whack other children repeatedly with your strawberry loot… who would have thought?
Mr. Wonderful did not wish to take a hay ride with me… sadness…

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