I don’t think I can ever say how much I love the Container Store. Just moments ago I received the best catalog ever… It’s title: “Life’s More Fun When You’re Organized!” Everything in this catalog is bright, clean, pressed… perfect. My cleaning fairies would be rather upset with me if I expected Home Base to look like that when I got home from a day’s work…
It is not that I do not love organization, I really do, it is just that you can look through the catalog and never feel like it is organized and lived in… everything is just organized. While I admit there are people out there who can and do keep their homes looking like a show room at all times… there just are not enough hours in a day! At what point does organized become obsessive? When do you have to step back and walk away.
That is probably the hardest question I have had to deal with since moving in with Mr. Wonderful, as I am sure it is for most people who share their space with anyone…We each have our own systems for doing things and different definitions of when the organization is finished. What we do and choose not to do defines Home Base as what it is. Right now we are in transition… waiting for a potentially quick relocation. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.

One of my current ongoing missions is to organize long-term apparel inventory storage. I have made good use of the Container Store’s wonderful selection of clear boxes that make it easy for others to see what is in the boxes. Another easy step is to label the boxes with inventory numbers to keep track of the quantity of each item type and size in an excel worksheet or access database. The easiest label-maker I’ve found? The Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo High-Speed Label Printer:
Just download the easy to use proprietary software and you’re good to go. It integrates with Microsoft products and is really incredible.

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