A weekend away…

We spent the weekend up in the mountains enjoying beautiful weather, wine and wieners…. now you must be confused…

According to my sister-in-law, the blue-eyed-educator (Bee), every time we visit her folks we go and have wine. This is most certainly not true! There have been many a time when we have gone up for a holiday or a birthday and we were simply unable to make it to a winery; however, this was not the case this weekend!

Friday while driving up in the rain I remembered that I had forgotten not only the presents from the honeymoon, but also my shoes for breakfast brunch on Sunday. Disaster! Luckily, Bee and Mom Wonderful were more than willing to visit the local DSW to rectify at least one of the problems.

They are simply to die for… and they’re Guess.

The highlight of our winery visit was Aspen Dale Winery. The wine was fabulous, the atmosphere was relaxing, the staff (especially Christy) were very hospitable and we were able to try sausage (um… wieners) in two varieties… pheasant and bison. The bison was less salty of the two. They also have a collection of race horses, Shetland ponies and a Great Dane. I wonder if the Great Dane was lonely, he must have been hiding somewhere, since we could not find him. We shall definitely visit again!



This January I finally moved out of the office trailer and into a new, completely custom office. It is incredible, except for one flaw: I  have no windows to the outside. The lack of natural lighting made me sad. After several weeks of research I came across OttLight. It is a full-spectrum HD light manufacturing company. They are relatively affordable in the realm of specialty lighting and are not horribly unsightly.

I picked this guy up from Amazon. It was on sale there for just under $40. Though, I did find a pink one on Joann’s Easter Sale for $29.99 (online only). The little dancing flower is from the Dollar Tree. It only dances for certain spectrum so before it just sat there being a cute flower. Now it dances all day.

If you face the same issues I do… with no natural lighting… grab an OttLite.


The "Transformation"

Everyone has been asking me how I am after my “transformation.” If by “transformation” one means: That I used to be in love with and dedicated to Mr. Wonderful and now I am “legally” bound to (*cough* in love with and dedicated to…) Mr. Wonderful till death do us part (*cough* for 81 years more or less). It seems odd to think that someone would expect to find a HUGE change in my state of being. After all, I am still in love with my Mr. Wonderful. I, Emme, married Mr. Wonderful fully aware there would be quirks, bumps and general little things that are slightly disconcerting.

We had planned a simple wedding for our closest friends and family to help us celebrate the legalizing of our union. There was much merry-making the night before at a German Restaurant and Irish Pub, during with all of our guests and after back at the Irish Pub with any and all who could attend. We retired to an Italian adventure for our honeymoon and captured almost 2,000 pictures. I developed bronchitis. He stole my legroom on the plane.
Now things are settling back into normalcy… as in our lives before we decided to throw a giant party for our closest friends and relatives…  well at least things are trying to. I am trying to get Home Command back underneath the realm of organization (failing) and Mr. Wonderful is trying to find us a new/larger Home Command (failing). This means that after our trip up to see Mr. Wonderful’s parents this weekend we need to work on minimizing what we have… most likely starting with the storage unit. As there are usually wasps and spiders on the porch, I never venture out to the porch storage unit. It is usually the place we send things we do not need quick access to, may only need if we are moving or we cannot part with it even if we never want to see it again.
Step One… buy wasp/spider spray…
Also on the list:
  • Growing the basil plant given to us by our good Alabamian friends
  • Finding a new crock-pot, set of baking pans, etc…
  • planning out the rest of the trips for this year and next
  • Getting the merged finance thing figured out
  • Continuing to change my name on every little thing
  • Getting to work on all of the baby projects for all of our expecting friends
  • Etc… etc… etc…