29 Goals…


SQ 01.21.2015Well… it’s that time again where I am trying to figure out what goals I need to come up with for my next year’s goals. I like to have a mix of projects and seemingly attainable goals.

Where am I headed this year?

  1. 50 Books. I’m not going to break it into categories this year… I would like to read 50 books.
  2. 3 Machine Quilts… I’m sure there will be some babies this year that will need one.
  3. 1/2 of a Hand Quilt… I’m working on another hexagon quilt. The last took me 4 years. I would like to do this one in 2.
  4. Repair the last of Great Grandma Laney’s quilts.
  5. Finish editing 2013 Nanowrimo Book
  6. Finish editing Papa’s book
  7. 6 New Recipes
  8. Replace Fence
  9. Remodel Yard
  10. Finish Laundry Room
  11. Review 10 children’s products
  12. Review 10 non-children specific products
  13. Review 10 books
  14. Remodel Closet
  15. Return to couponing
  16. Meal Plan for 3 meals a week
  17. Relocate Sewing area to FROG… because it’s safer for Little Wonderful and my sewing machine
  18. Figure out how to display quilts
  19. Attend a comic-con
  20. Attend quilt show
  21. Go to the Children’s museum
  22. Visit Botanical Garden 6 times
  23. Visit Zoo 6 times
  24. See 3 movies
  25. Date night?
  26. Re-organize pantry… it doesn’t make any sense now that it is mostly filled with the things removed from all of my bottom cabinets… I miss bottom cabinets.
  27. Replace pull knobs on cabinets so I can use child locks and get my bottom cabinets back? Hmmm?
  28. Photo-a-day… because it turned out to be an awesome project this year…
  29. Blog swap 2X


What are you planning for this years goals?